Summer 2019 at South Church:

Religious Education continues through the summer for children of all ages! Our nursery is open, as usual, from 9:45-11:15 each morning. For children aged 4 and up we will have an all-ages program that is based on our school-year workshop model. This summer we will revisit the themes from this past year with hands-on exploration, incorporating outdoor time as much as possible! See you soon!!

SUMMER 2019- Overview

Click here for the –draft- 2019-2020 RE Program Calendar.  This fall our congregation will be following a single service schedule- one worship at 10am on Sunday mornings. (as opposed to 2 services at 9 and 11am). This shift means that our religious education program will be changing a little bit. Here’s a brief overview: 

2019-2020 Church Program overview:

  • Nursery open every Sunday 9:30 am-11:30 am
  • Spirit Play for Kinder-1st grade will meet during 10am worship
  • Elementary Age students will have a choice between:
    • Meditation room– (adults welcome too) which will meet weekly in the King classroom for meditative practice/quiet reflection activities
    • Theme based Workshop Roomwhich will meet weekly in the Pascataqua Classroom (a variety of hands-on explorations of our monthly theme, rooted in Unitarian Universalism)
    • Theme based Story Room– Students in this room will be learning a story each month and creating a script and props so they can share that story with the congregation. Typically meeting in the Harvey Milk Classroom.
  • Religious Exploration for 6th-7th grade students- throughout the year, they will be learning about near-by faith communities, and taking several trips to attend other services in the seacoast. This group will typically meet in the Carson Parlour
  • Coming of Age for 8th grade will meet at 73 Court st from 10-11am most Sundays
  • Senior Youth group will meet on Sunday evenings, 4-5:30p at The South Church Meeting House (73 Court St)
  • OWL will be offered for four age groups this year:
    • NEW: K-1 OWL is in the works.. details TBD. Email if you are interested in more information!
    • 5th grade OWL- dates/times TBD
    • 7th grade OWL- Sundays from 4-5:30pm dates TBD
    • 10-11th grade OWL- dates/times TBD


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